“End Times”

 It all began sculpting by doodling, bending a wire any way that looked good until it started to looked like something. It took me several months to collect all those garbage materials. Don`t expect marvelous results at once and I don`t quit easily! I have loads of fun discovering how to make complicated aliens or animals and play with junk items on your sculptures. These sculptures are made entirely of garbage -- old aluminum sheets and brass, electrical wire, suckets, plastic soda bottles, junk fancy jewelry etc. The only thing I paid for was the adhesive, Gluing them together with the right adhesive. Different kinds of glues work in different ways, but there are some basic ideas that glue most of them together! the most important thing is to have fun. if you don't like doing it, you will never stick with it.

“Prodigal Child”

“Oro, Plata, Meta”

“Inscrutable time”

“Magnificent Hand”

“Soldier's Praying”
“Alpha and Omega”
“Captured Predator”
“`Young Dragon”


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